Tree Surgery in Croydon and the South East

Located in Caterham

JS Tree Care is a family-run provider of tree surgery services for Croydon and the surrounding areas. Located in Caterham, our tree surgeons pride themselves on the delivery of high standard workmanship in a friendly yet professional manner. We guarantee first-class results on every job, and we will always return to address any issues you might find with our work.

With more than 15 years of experience behind us, you can trust our team to handle every one of your tree care requirements.

Our tree surgeons cover all aspects of tree care to include:

Crown Lifting – Increase light flow or create a view onto the outside world with crown lifting. This form of tree surgery sees the lowest branches removed to a specified height, adding more space beneath the crown and letting more light through.

Crown Reduction – A crown reduction or reshape reduces the crown of the tree into a specified shape. Our tree surgeons take care to tailor each reduction to the species of the tree, keeping its natural shape but making the outline smaller.

Crown Thinning – Crown thinning is a tree surgery method that keeps trees and woodlands healthy and manageable. Our tree surgeons can inspect your trees and recommend the best time to thin or prune them based on the species and time of year.

Other arboriculture services available in Caterham, Croydon and the surrounding areas include coppicing, pollarding and deadwood removal. We also fell or dismantle dangerous trees.

Stump Grinding

JS Tree Care can also perform stump grinding services across the local area. Contact us for a tree stump removal at a competitive price. Our tree surgeons have training in the use of stump grinding machinery and can reduce tree remnants to below-ground level. This makes your home or land safer because stump removals eliminate tripping and infestation risks.

Stump grinding leaves a hole that you can backfill with the wood chip derived from our work, or you can use it in the future as a nutritious mulch or compost for your garden.

We invite you to look at our previous work in the Caterham, Croydon and South East areas. We are a trusted choice for tree surgery and arboriculture services. Because we trade as a family-owned and family-run local company, JS Tree Care treats you as the most important person in our business.

No job is ever too big or too small for our team.

Call our tree surgeons on 07549 404907 for tree surgery services in Caterham, Croydon and the South East.