Tree Removal in Caterham,

Croydon and the Surrounding Areas

With the friendly, family-run feel of a local company that has passed down through several generations, JS Tree Care is the name to trust for arboriculture and tree surgery work. Located in Caterham, we cover all locations in the surrounding South East area including Croydon. We have an ethical approach and always do our best to preserve healthy trees. We understand, however, that tree removal is the only option in some cases.

The testimonials of our previous customers are your guarantee of a safer removal and a job well done.

Where there is a danger to people or to property, or if disease has made a tree hazardous, removal is the only remaining option. We will also remove trees occasionally if the home or landowner has plans for future development.

There are two different types of tree removal for us to consider, directional felling and sectional dismantling.

Directional Felling

This is the form of tree removal that most of our customers in the Caterham and Croydon areas will be familiar with. Our tree surgeons create a hinge that ensures a safer, more controlled fall, a directional notch that guides the tree to the ground, and a felling cut that makes the fall happen. All personnel at JS Tree Care have received training in the use of chainsaws.

This is a preferred form of tree removal when there is no risk of damage to property during the fall, or to the public.

Sectional Dismantling

Our tree surgeons also receive training in rigging systems and aerial rescue, so using us for sectional dismantling is always a safe choice. This type of removal sees our tree surgeons using pulleys and ropes to take down the tree one piece at a time. We use ropes and spikes to reach the top of the tree, and a rigging system to lower limbs to the ground safely.

Sectional dismantling is a form of tree removal that we use when a directional fell might damage nearby properties.

There are several reasons for homeowners in Caterham, Croydon and the South East to use our services:

  • The tree is dead, diseased or damaged beyond repair
  • The tree sits too close to property or utility lines
  • The tree has a natural lean in a dangerous direction
  • The tree drops limbs, leaves or sap problematically
  • The tree blocks out light and impacts other species
  • The tree sits in the way of a proposed development

We can also make an assessment on what to do with trees if they might be damaged during garden maintenance work.

Call our tree surgeons on 07549 404907 for tree removal services in Caterham, Croydon and the South East.