Tree Surgery in Caterham

Answering Questions on Tree Care, Garden Maintenance and Fencing

Are you looking for a friendly, family-run company of tree surgeons in the Caterham area? Here at JS Tree Care, we offer a wide range of options to keep your property looking pristine across all four seasons. From traditional tree surgery and tree removal services, to garden maintenance and garden fencing, we have the experience needed to keep your outdoor space in a healthy and aesthetically pleasing condition.

Our tree surgeons work to high standards. Customer service is at the heartbeat of our company, and we strive for 100% satisfaction. We promise to answer any questions you might have with our normal courtesy and enthusiasm.

Here, you’ll find answers to your most common questions.

Are your tree surgeons qualified?

Yes. We are a small, family-run company from Caterham with more than 15 years of experience in tree surgery and garden maintenance. Our company has been around for much longer and has passed through the hands of parents and grandparents. Today, each of our tree surgeons is CS31 trained in the safe operation of chainsaws and is City & Guilds qualified.

We believe that we have excellent business credentials.

Which types of tree surgery can you provide?

We cover all aspects of tree surgery including tree removals and stump grinding. We also undertake crown reduction and thinning work, mainly for domestic customers across the Caterham area although we can take on commercial work too. We complete every job with the utmost care, respecting you and your property, and wearing the appropriate PPE.

When it comes to arboriculture, JS Tree Care covers it all.

Can you care for the rest of my garden as well as my trees?

Of course! Unlike other tree surgeons who can only help with things like formative pruning and tree removals, we also specialise in garden maintenance and garden fencing. From garden and rubbish clearances, to turf laying using sods from Rowlawn® Medallion, you can rely on us for a full range of soft landscaping services at any time of the year.

Use us for one-off or contract garden maintenance.

Should I have tree stumps removed?

Tree stumps take up valuable space in your garden, reduce the aesthetic appeal of your Caterham property and cause a tripping hazard. If not for these reasons alone, old trunks can also grow new sprouts or start to rot, attracting mould, fungi and insect infestations that can impact healthy trees and plants. Stump grinding is a key tree surgery service.

We can also grind stumps as part of a garden maintenance project, or to clear land for the construction of fencing.

What if a tree has a Tree Preservation Order on it?

A Tree Preservation Order (TPO) is put into place to protect trees of a particular species or age, or if that tree is part of a conservation area. If you need work carried out on a TPO registered tree, you will need to obtain permission from your local authority. Reputable tree surgeons will always carry out a check to make sure you never breach a preservation order.

We are an ethical and environmentally conscious company.

Do you have company insurance?

Yes. JS Tree Care carries the appropriate levels of employer and public liability insurance. This means we can offer tree surgery, tree removal, garden maintenance and garden fencing services in Caterham without impacting our customers. Safety is always at the centre of our operations. Our company carries out risk assessments, and our team works to method statements.

Using our tree surgeons is always a safe experience.

What do I need to consider with garden fencing?

Before having a new fence installed at your property, you need to check your deeds to establish who owns the boundary. It is illegal to erect garden fencing on somebody else’s property line without obtaining permission first. We can advise on the best way to tackle any issues you might face. Other than that, the only other thing you need to do is choose a type of fence.

JS Tree Care can also repair garden fencing as part of a garden maintenance program, or on a standalone basis.

Call 07549 404907 for tree surgery, garden maintenance and garden fencing services in Caterham.