Tree Surgery and Garden Maintenance in Croydon

Why Hire Professional Help?

At JS Tree Care, we use the knowledge gained from spending more than fifteen combined years in our sector to offer tree surgery, tree removal, garden maintenance and garden fencing services in the nearby Croydon area. Located in Caterham, our qualified team operates across the South East region. We are friendly yet professional tree surgeons and landscapers, and we cover all aspects of arboriculture and garden care.

There are many advantages to hiring our team. If you don’t have the time or the equipment needed to tend to your trees or your garden, here are the key reasons for investing into our tree surgery and garden maintenance services:

Fully Equipped

Tree surgery and gardening maintenance require tools that you won’t always own yourself. A professional will bring the right equipment to jobs in Croydon, and they will have the training needed to safely use it. For example, we have invested into chainsaws and rigging equipment for tree removals, and post rammers and circular saws for garden fencing construction.

As technology evolves, we are always one of the first local companies to purchase new tooling and equipment.

Qualified and Insured

Qualified tree surgeons and landscapers enhance the appearance of Croydon homes safely and efficiently. When tree surgery is performed incorrectly, it harms trees and shrubs. This makes it more difficult to rectify the original problem. Hiring an insured company with City & Guilds and CS31 training gives you a peace of mind that you’ll only get from a professional.

Our team receives ongoing training as specifications change.

In-Depth Knowledge

Whether you need the garden fencing of your Croydon property repaired, a hedge trimming, or need to arrange a garden maintenance contract, you can trust a specialist to help in all aspects of outdoor care. Professionals help plants, trees and lawns to thrive using an in-depth knowledge that we have only learned through the many years of working in our sector.

When it comes to tree surgery and landscaping, nobody does it better than the team at JS Tree Care.

Expert Help and Advice

If you feel unsure about making changes to a Croydon property, like having a tree removal undertaken or installing new garden fencing, it is always useful to get advice from a trade and industry expert. Having carried out tree surgery and garden maintenance in the local area for over 15 years, we have an insight into our work that a hobbyist can only envy.

Our tree surgeons will be able to advise on the best solutions to suit your design aspirations and your budget.

Saving Time

Finally, one of the biggest benefits to hiring a professional is the amount of time it saves you. With the responsibility of work and raising a family, it is sometimes impossible to find the extra time needed to tend to trees, or to a garden. This is where our team comes in. We manage your tree surgery and garden maintenance requirements with care and commitment.

This leaves you with more time to enjoy your Croydon home.

At JS Tree Care, we are dedicated to you, your trees and your garden. Our tree surgeons and landscapers will always provide you with a professional service. Whether you are looking for formative pruning, a tree removal, stump grinding, lawn care or a garden fencing installation, we have a wide range of skills and we are always on hand to provide expert advice.

Please contact us to arrange a free quotation.

Call 07549 404907 for tree surgery, garden maintenance and garden fencing services in Croydon.